Welcome to DC Music Toronto

For over a decade DC Music has been nurturing and supporting aspiring artists breaking into the music business.

DC Music Studio Toronto houses rehearsal, recording and sound stages catering to artists big and small, and the patronage of some of the biggest names in the industry have made the studio something of a hidden gem. With the facility housing fully equipped rehearsal rooms, sound stage studios, audio recording and video production studios, and event space as well as offering music lessons, live production and artist development programs, there is pretty much nothing you can’t do there.

DC Music provides you with the resources and a community to master your craft and get the right tools and guidance to market your projects, get exposed, and make a career in the industry. And we do it all under one roof! Our team are industry professionals, and we focus on the development of an artist’s career from start to finish. DC Music is the true supporter of independent music.

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