To register for or receive more information on private or group lessons or our exciting workshops, please
contact us by phone at (416) 234-0222 or e-mail We would be happy to book you for one of our weekly open houses.

Rates: D.C. Music Academy does not charge a registration fee and there is no sales tax on music lessons!
Monthly fees for music lessons are payable based on the following rates:

Private Lessons:
30 minutes – $27.00
45 minutes – $40.50
60 minutes – $54.00

Group Lessons:
30 minutes – $20.00
45 minutes – $30.00
Group lessons are geared for beginners and will be offered only where a sufficient number of students of a similar level are enrolled.

Rock Star Band Camp:
Per session, rates as posted

Per session, rates as posted.

Children’s music lessons are eligible for Federal and Provincial tax credits of up to $1000 for each child!
See the following links for details:
Federal Children’s Arts Tax Credit
Ontario Children’s Activity Tax Credit

Information Security: We respect your privacy and security. Personal and credit card information supplied to us is kept secure at all times.