Recording Studio

Recording Studio with Huge Sound, Huge Room and Pro Gear with
Experienced Producers and Engineers.

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Services : Album, Demo, Live off the Floor and Pre-Production Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering, Producing, Song Writing, Jingles, Voice Over, Company Branding, Music for Film and Television, Digital Transferring. 

Our recording studio and audio post production facility provides a wide range of options to suit any budget and purpose for recording. Record your next project in a clean comfortable environment with experienced producer/engineers and up to date professional gear.

Quality recording rooms of this size are becoming more and more scarce all the time. Our live floor covers 2500 square feet – enough to handle choirs and orchestral/band ensembles up to 50 pieces. With 16ft wood panel ceilings, the size and acoustics of the room keep it from being to ‘dead’ sounding. Adjustable wall panels allow the degree of ‘liveliness’ in the room to be controlled, depending on the amount of ambiance desired. The floating and portable isolation booth has been incorporated into the main studio floor to handle any recording set up. 
Marshall Amps at DC Music Studio Rehearsal Mesa Boogie DC Music Jam Room Ampeg Bass amp at DC Music Rehearsal Toronto Gretsch drums at DC Music Sound Stage Allen and Heath DC Music Sound Stage  DC Music uses Yorkville for their rehearsal rooms Rehearsal Space Zyldjian DC Music  Sound Stage Shure Microphones Rehearsal studio space Tama Drums Jam Room Gibson Logo Rehearsal Music Studio Peavey Studio Sound Stage Rehearsal Space  DC Music Studio uses Avalon products for Recording Studio DC Music Rehearsal Studio Yamaha Drums DC Music Recording Toronto uses UA products DC Music Recording uses AKG Sound Stage Rehearsal Behringer Recording Studio Toronto DC Music  Sound Stage Toronto EAW Monitors fender DC music Jam Room DC Music EV Speakers  gibraltar-hardware-DC Music Drum Rehearsal Space DC Music Practice Space  Toronto Jam Room Bass Amp ibanez Dc Music Toronto Sound Stage Toronto Video Location Dc Music Toronto Film Location DC Music DC Music Video Production Drum Practice Room Dc Music Toronto Music Jam Space Rooms